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Zoom Username, Passwords, Login IPs [Updated May 2021]

ModelUsernamePasswordIP Address
X7N ADSL Modem, Series 1091adminzoomadslhttp://
X6v ASDL VoIP Wireless Router, Series 1067 (5697)userpasswordhttp://
X6 ADSL Router, Series 1058 (5590C)adminzoomadslhttp://
X5 ADSL Router Series 1083, Model 5754adminzoomadslhttp://
We3G, Series 1086 (Model 4520)-adminhttp://
Series 1100 Model 4504-adminhttp://
ADSL WLAN X6 Modem/Router, Series 1046 (5590)adminzoomadslhttp://
ADSL Modem / Router w/ Wireless-N, Series 1093adminzoomadslhttp://
5341J (5341-00-00J)adminpasswordhttp://
4506 3G Wireless-N Travel Router-adminhttp://
4506 3G-adminhttp://