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The ip address is a private local network address such as 192.168.l.1,, There is a connection network between computer and modem. When you access a wired or a wireless network connection, you can realize that both connections shown on the computer screen with different signs. That is why you can connect to the modem even there is no internet connection. Modem producing network companies install an updated router software to their device to change or modify the connection settings. This software is being accessed via the IP address With this IP address you can access to the control panel of your modem and fix the internet connection problems in a short time. 


As mentioned, by using this IP address, you can access to the control panel as an administrator with full authorization. There are some facilities the router software guides and you can do this processes easily.  Different Security Options, Proxy Settings, LAN, WLAN, WAN, DNS, DHCP, ADSL, MAC, DSL, CPU Settings, IP Qos, Network Management, and similar settings might be modified from control panel. You needn’t make all fixings by yourself, you could get some help from modem Provider Company by help line.


It is so easy to contact with the router software installed to the modem device. The only thing you need to do is entering the IP address to your internet browser. Pasting or typing in the address bar, you can get instant access. You need to use your user ID and password given by the modem provider for internet connection. Without password you cannot access to the control panel. If you don’t remember your password, you should reset your modem device. Reset button is on the back panel on the modem. Do not try passwords after and after again, you may cause to block the control panel.

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