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Modem manufacturers developed some precautions to gain access to the modem & router device in emergency situations. The main purpose of the IP is providing this access to modem. The manufacturer place a software to manage the device. This IP address is a code to gain access to the management panel of the modem device. If there occurs any problem in the internet connection you can use this IP to check or modify device and connection settings. 

WHAT IS 192.168.O.1.1 IP USED FOR?

192.168.O.1.1 IP address provides access to the administration panel of the modem. After entering this IP address and use your ID and password, you will have authority literally on your device. All settings modifications provided by the router software can be managed from here in other words, you will have full authorization as an administrator. 

DNS, LAN, Proxy, WAN, DHCP, WLAN settings, ADSL, WPS, MAC, DSL Blocking, Several Security Options, Virtual Routing, Virtual Server and other additional settings will be under your hands.


It is very easy to enter this address. The only thing you need to do is copy and paste or write manually code to your internet browser’s address bar. It is enough to have a connection between your computer and modem device, you do not need to have an active internet. And you can enter this IP code and access to the command panel to fix any problems or modifications. 

At the first use you can get help from Provider Company by phone. Note your ID and password. And if you lose or forget it do not try wrong passwords after and after, you may cause blockage on the command panel. When it is happened, you just need to reset your modem by switching the reset button at the back panel of the modem device.

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