This website or third party tools use harmless (without personal information) cookies that are disclosed in the cookie policy. By continuing to use this web site, you agree to the use of cookies. IP Login Passwords 2022 ip address is a private router login address for xfinity router in your local network such as 192.168.l.1, 192.168.o.1. If you have wired or wireless connection, you have probably seen modem connection and internet connection shown with different signs at the left of the task bar. There is independent frequency between a computer and modem connection than internet connection. Recently, network companies are installing a software to the modem device that allows managing the device opportunity. You can access to the software from the IP address By entering this IP address your computer's security option, access to adjustment and solve problems in internet connection. 

What can you do with this IP code ?

The IP address provides access to the modem device control panel by the guidance of the router software. You can access your device via this address with fully authorized. It’s not important having internet connection. With this IP code you can change the inputs in control panel and fix the internet connection problems. The provider companies has a help line for the users. 

By accessing the control panel you can change your Proxy settings, DNS, Network Management Settings, LAN, WAN, WLAN, WIFI, NAT, Virtual Server, DHCP, DSL, ADSL, WPS, MAC Blocking, and similar settings.

How to access to this ip

It is very easy to access to the control panel of the device by using the IP address You can copy and paste it or type it to the address bar of your internet browser. There is also a connection button in our website for you. However, this requires a username and password to allow access. You do not provide access to the control panel by entering the password that you use to connect your computer for network. Because it requires a password that was given to you during the web configuration. 

You can create a new password by resetting the device if you do not remember your password. Reset button is generally located at the back panel of your device.

What will i do if i forget my default password  ?

If you forget your Comcast / Xfinity / Intelbras default password, you must click the reset button on the back of the router device. Then, you can use the following table to input the default passwords.

Router Name Default IP Address Default UserName Default Password
Aceex admin epicrouter
Apple n/a n/a
Bausch Datacom admin epicrouter
E-Tech admin epicrouter
JAHT Admin epicrouter
Speed Touch (Alcatel) Administrator n/a
Comcast Xfinity admin admin

Example Questions & Answers From  Other Resorces

Q: Hello there, Our IBM Server was working with the IP until this time. However, since the day when I gave this ip address does not see modems and internete does not come out. When I give a different rope, it connects seamlessly to the internete. Connecting when rope is assigned by DHCP. If you just give the ip address of the problem is happening. Give a different ip address and ping does not return any answer. What would be the reason? Our model TP-Link TD-8840T model and IP address Server IP configuration is as follows;,, A: Telecom is using the subnets to route real IP blocks as the IP stocks in it are starting to run out. In your local area, use the and address ranges.
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